Regarding the participants’ private qualities, the fresh projected coefficient out-of Intercourse is actually ?0

Regarding the participants’ private qualities, the fresh projected coefficient out-of Intercourse is actually ?0

Concerning your participants’ individual attributes, minimal decades try 65 ages, the maximum age try 95 ages, while the imply decades was age. Of your final test, % have been male, and you can % had been ladies; % had completed a standard university training; % had been administered zero more than a standard school education; % had been given a good junior high school degree; and % had received a twelfth grade (vocational) education; whenever you are school students and you may postgraduates taken into account only 3.04%. Every professionals was basically hitched (%), accompanied by widows/widowers (%), people who was basically split up or divorced (5.52%), then unmarried some one (5.52%). Many had a decreased amount of money (lower than TWD twenty-two,000), bookkeeping having % of decide to try, with center-money organizations (TWD twenty-two,001 in order to TWD 38,000) within %, after which individuals with a leading earnings (over TWD 38,001) at the %. Out-of bad models, % was cigarette smokers, 8.44% was in fact drinkers, 0.53% was in fact betel freak chewers, plus the kept % didn’t come with like activities. Of do so volume, % exercised five times or more per week, % resolved double weekly, % worked out thrice per week, % worked out 4 times weekly, and % exercised weekly or smaller.

Off property functions, % had only ownership of its household, % was tenants, % lived-in home totally belonging to its partners, step three.87% got mutual ownership the help of its spouse, and % got shared ownership with a close relative (not including their lover). From latest life style plans, 213 (%) were aging at your home, 95 (%) was aging in the community, and you will 54 (%) have been researching organization proper care (please consider Desk 2).

5. Empirical Overall performance

This study analyzes the well-being of the elderly through ordered logit regression modeling. The results of the test of parallel lines showed that, for well-being, ? 2 = , p = 0.270, and significance > 0.05. The parallel lines assumption is supported, and the regression equations are parallel. The test for model fitness returned a value for ? 2 = ( p < 0.001),>0.05. The parallel lines assumption is supported, and Spanking Dating Spanking Site the regression equations are parallel. The model fitting results showed that ? 2 = ( p < 0.001),>

New empirical show were in contrast to the ones from comparable education so you’re able to emphasize the latest similarities and you may distinctions, and the individuality of studies. I then analyzed the new projected really-being and you may care about-rated health standing.

5.step one. Quote away from Really-Being

The results of the two-stage quote are provided from inside the Desk cuatro. 204 and you will did not to get a number of relevance. The fresh new projected coefficient of age are ?1.809 and you may failed to in order to get a number of benefit. A reduced studies top served once the baseline to possess comparison, therefore the projected coefficients out-of education peak (EDU1 and you may EDU2) was indeed ?0.671 and you can 0.187, respectively; neither hit a number of benefit. The latest projected coefficient out-of marital standing (MARRY) is 0.933 and you may attained a good 5% quantity of value.

The latest reputation away from solitary served since the standard situation to possess family relations types of (FAMTYPE). The fresh estimated coefficients off loved ones variety of (FAMTYPE1, having coping with a partner = step one, and you can 0 if you don’t; FAMTYPE2, having managing household members = 1, and you will 0 or even) was indeed 0.048 and you may ?0.129 to possess FAMTYPE1 and FAMTYPE2, respectively; none attained a level of relevance.

Brand new estimated coefficients regarding private earnings (Money step 1, getting highest money = step one, and you may 0 or even; Income 2, to have middle-class = step one, and you can 0 otherwise) was indeed 0.569 and 0.285 to have Income step 1 and you will Money 2, respectively; neither result are tall.

The fresh estimated coefficient regarding SRHS was 1.502 and reached a 1% quantity of advantages, showing that health got a confident influence on this new better-becoming of one’s more mature.

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