Suki and you can Ty Lee escorted Aang outside of the throne space

Suki and you can Ty Lee escorted Aang outside of the throne space

Within the next months, a series of kidnappings happened on the Money Urban area, presumably from the dark spirits. The fresh new Kyoshi Warriors proceeded in order to patrol the newest castle, but you to nights Ty Lee argued in order to Suki which they would be to assist counter new kidnappings instead of guarding the fresh new castle. Suki cautioned one Zuko and you can Aang was considering the issue, hence this new Kyoshi Warriors is always to await the results ahead of acting. She informed him one their comrades got accomplished its rounds and provided brand new considerate leader particular business. The 2 discussed the newest kidnapping from Mai’s little sis Tom-Tom, which have Zuko sharing their concerns for the fresh new boy’s future. [28]

Later on one evening, after the Fire Lord had came back, Suki went to Zuko on a single of your palace’s balconies

As they talked, however, both observed smoke via Kiyi’s area. Suki and Zuko hurried over around, having Ty Lee and Aang directly behind her or him. They certainly were far too late, but not, because so-called Kemurikage got already removed Kiyi and gone to live in the encompassing roofs. The team assaulted, and you can Suki grappled the fresh kidnapper just who held Kiyi Ahead of she you are going to rescue Kiyi, yet not, other Kemurikage got the child, and more than morale escaped beneath the defense of a tobacco cigarette monitor. Even in the event Aang eliminated the way in which that have airbending and Zuko been able to strike the past of kidnappers having firebending, causing them to slip regarding a threshold onto your local courtyard, Suki therefore the anybody else didn’t apprehend him or her and you will rescue Kiyi when they was pushed straight back because of the a super assault. [28] [29]

Once understanding you to definitely Ukano try a break the rules chief, Suki speculated that the New Ozai People and you may Safer Nation People was one to in addition to exact same.

Into the next day, Suki took part in a conference within throne space where she found to help you Mai you to definitely Kiyi’s kidnapper got put ligthning. Mai therefore revealed that this lady father Ukano got contributed the latest Ozai People. Based on this article, Suki speculated the Secure Nation Area would be a mere rebranding of the The new Ozai Society. Zuko and you will Aang up coming started to argue about the correct way regarding action, culminating throughout the Flames Lord ordering the newest Avatar away from their eyes. Contemplating Sokka would do in this situation, the newest Kyoshi Warrior leader after that advised to analyze the fresh palace for clues on the Azula’s party. Once certain fruitless searching inside Kiyi’s area, Ty Lee appreciated the palace had secret passageways, demonstrating one of them to Suki and Aang. the three promptly moved on the Financial support City Jail where they attempted to change Zuko of the results. In the event that Fire Lord refused to pay attention, Aang basically abducted him, causing Suki and her family unit members to violent storm adopting the couple.

After the Avatar highlighted the trick passing to Zuko, the latest Flames Lord decided to follow it. He questioned Suki and you may Ty Lee to safeguard the castle while you are he was gone that they easily accessible to create. Shortly after Zuko’s group had freed the latest kidnapped pupils, Suki endured guard given that Fire Lord is carrying a speech throughout the funding, proclaiming that he is actually sorry getting his problems into the dealing with Kemurikage crisis and you may vowing to accomplish greatest in the future. [29]

Difficulties for the Cranefish Town

Since the Aang, Katara, Sokka, and you can Toph moved to meet up with Suki into the Yu Dao, they truly became employed in Cranefish Town’s dispute ranging from benders and you can nonbenders. Sokka recognized one to Party Avatar would not be leaving the city for a while and delivered a live messenger hawk to help you receive Suki to become listed on him or her. [11] Suki borrowed an enthusiastic eel hound to journey to Cranefish City, in which she fulfilled Party Avatar away from Earthen Flames Refinery and you can carefully adopted Sokka.

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