Valerie Bertinelli ‘s the sixth celebrity to mention Christina Aguilera good B

Valerie Bertinelli ‘s the sixth celebrity to mention Christina Aguilera good B

Valerie Bertinelli have a choice identity getting Christina Aguilera – one that starts with a beneficial “B.” It is some one shocked? You shouldn’t be.

Christina Aguilera back to the Voice, but what in the Gwen Stefani?

During the 14 decades, Xtina has actually obtained by herself a real history of friction anybody the wrong way. And you may Valerie Bertinelli isn’t really even close to the earliest celeb so you can phone call the girl the fresh B-term – four others did it as 2000, the early days of the new singer’s profession.

And that’s not really bringing-up new enough time directory of famous people just who has actually prevented only lacking stating “bitch,” but nevertheless told you Aguilera is impolite or stuck up – celebrities including Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne and Indicate Women star, Daniel Franzese, which starred also-gay-to-means Damien along with, arguably, probably the most tragic tale of a rush-in which have a good snobby Xtina.

“It’s actually comedy due to the fact I met Christina Aguilera and that i think for certain that would be a vibrant moment in my lives,” Franzese said. “And i are instance, ‘Christina, my personal name’s Daniel. I play ‘Beautiful’ during the Mean Lady. And you can she is actually secret benefits-login instance, ‘Never ever watched it.’ And then turned her back and walked away. She was thus impolite.”

Christina Aguilera happens full-on the planet mother having child identity

Immediately after which there is certainly Shirley Manson, musician regarding alt-rock band, Scrap, whom went one letter then and you may threw on the C-phrase.

“You need to struggle to be a better people Christina?” Manson wrote on her behalf band’s webpages. “Perhaps who does bring you nearer to God because the rumour have they from numerous and distinctly reputable sources that you are an enthusiastic natural c***.”

Party such as for instance it is ’00 having Ricky Martin and you may Christina Aguilera

Which is providing they a tiny much, regardless if, therefore we have found an effective roundup of all of the celebrities that tossed the newest B-phrase – and many strong color – Xtina’s treatment for day.

step one. Valerie Bertinelli, 2014

“I happened to be a fan at the time, once upon a time, and i also went to the woman due to the fact she was at a good Van Halen show, and i said, ‘Oh my God, In my opinion you’re a gorgeous musician, blah-blah blah,’ and she simply went like [she produced an overhead-her-lead actions], ‘Yah, any sort of.’ She provided me with the cold neck and i thought, ‘Bitch, I am a partner! You cannot feel nice in my opinion?’ You know?”

dos. The Wanted’s Tom Parker

“[Xtina] is a total bitch. She might not be good bitch in the real life, but so you’re able to united states, she was a total bitch. She only seated there and you may did not talk to all of us. Would not even evaluate you.”

step three. Adam Levine and Tony Lucca, 2012

Those two just weren’t equally as quick, nevertheless they had the content across anyhow. Supplies advised media within the 2012 you to Lucca’s results regarding “99 Trouble” toward Sound try geared towards Xtina.

“Adam and Tony planned to name Christina out since a beneficial bitch,” the reason told you at the time. “It was totally geared towards the lady. It was Adam’s tip, however, Tony surely loved they.”

cuatro. Kelly Osbourne, 2011

“Maybe she is merely to-be the fat bitch she came into this world is. I don’t know. She is actually a c*** to me. And you may she purchased the house!”

5. Eminem, 2000

Eminem famously dissed Xtina regarding lyrics so you’re able to “The genuine Slim Questionable,” stating, “Christina Aguilera ideal option me chairs so i can stay 2nd to Carson Daly and you may Fred Durst, and tune in to ’em argue more than whom she offered see earliest. You absolutely nothing bitch, set myself to the great time toward MTV: ‘Yeah, he is precious, but In my opinion he or she is married so you’re able to Kim, hee-hee!’ I should obtain the woman sounds into Mp3 and show new entire world the method that you provided Eminem VD.”

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